Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Women’s Colleges Provide the Best Opportunities – Check Out this New Honors Program

Because of a very generous donation from an anonymous donor (a $1 million endowment), Hollins University now offers their students a fantastic honors program.

From Hollins' Web site:

The Hollins honors program will complement the challenges of the Hollins academic program for some of our most talented and motivated students. Open to first- and second-year students, the honors program is designed for the student who is intrigued by the idea of working in depth on interdisciplinary, collaborative, student-initiated projects.

Students in the honors program complete a four-semester sequence of two-credit interdisciplinary seminars, joining a small cohort of fellow scholars. During the first year, students work closely with two faculty members to identify group projects of interest and then plan, execute, communicate, and present results from those projects. During the second year, students focus on individual projects, working closely with faculty.

Examples of possible topics:
•    Biology and the Law: How has the law kept up or failed to keep up with ongoing scientific research into genetic identification, gender identity, cloning, and climate change?
•    Assessing Social Change: How are social programs evaluated and how do those results affect policy debate?
•    Creativity and Trauma: How have artists, musicians, and writers depicted trauma, and how have those depictions affected the individual artists?
•    Censorship in America: What types of creative work have been censored in America, and how was that censorship accomplished and opposed?
•    From Paints to Pesticides: What impact have human-made chemicals had on the world?
•    Global Political Ecology: How are differences between developing and developed countries affecting international agreements on the environment?

Learn more about Hollins Honor Program here.

Learn more about Hollins University, where "Women Who Are Going Places Start at Hollins" here.

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