Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why a Women’s College?

"Since 1838, Judson College has been a remarkable place for young women. In a time when women could not vote, own property, or gain custody of their own children, a group of visionaries in Marion, Alabama began making plans to build a school for women that would offer an education comparable to that received by men at Harvard and Yale.

Judson’s founders understood that educating women would not only improve the lives of their students, but would also strengthen families, communities, churches, and society as a whole.

Because women have now achieved greater equality in our society, many people are surprised to learn that research demonstrates that women and men still experience college differently. For example, young women are more likely to underestimate their academic ability, more likely to grow through honest dialogue with professors, and more likely to benefit from moving away from home for college than are young men."

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