Monday, February 24, 2014

Why this Graphic Designer Loves Her Alma Mater, a College for Women

“Hailing from a small Western Pennsylvania town, I was tired of hearing the word ‘NO’ from my public school. It caused me to react by working harder to guarantee I would succeed. I set high standards for my future. Surrounded by equally determined, like-minded talent and supportive mentors placed me on track to develop my skills professionally, strengthen my weaknesses, and noticeably grow each semester. Moore was the only option for me. At times it was difficult to appreciate the criticism and unfiltered advice from educators and peers. I now realize I learned valuable lessons and have applied them to my professional and personal life. Without the guidance from my professors and friends I could have easily strayed from my original goals. I have remained connected to many of my college friends. I don’t look further than the group of inspiring women I met a little over a decade ago to boost my spirit and allow me to continue on my path. I am fortunate to now be an artist, entrepreneur, designer, wife and mother. I often draw power from the words of my professors: Jill Furst, Frieda Fehrenbacher, Anne Siedman and Tendai Johnson - a few that had an impact on me at Moore. I also know that I am NOT the exception—each graduate has gained the extraordinary education and network available only as Moore College of Art & Design women.” -- Melissa Bourdess Wilt '02, Graphic Design, Moore College of Art & Design

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Additional information about Moore College can be found on their Web site.

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