Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Looking to Study Abroad? Consider Attending a Women’s College!

Today, more and more, young college-bound high school girls are looking to study abroad. If this is you, consider attending a women’s college. Just about every women’s college provide their students with this opportunity to study abroad for the summer or semester, like Meredith College does.

Gabrielle Hoover, Paris Fashion, Summer 2014  says: "I have learned that I am very independent, strong, bold, capable, and can adapt to change. Change is always good. We always look at the way other people live and think, 'Oh that’s weird' when people are saying that to us as well. Learning about how other people live and see life makes for a well-rounded person."
Catherine Perry, Italy-Switzerland, Summer 2014 says: "While studying abroad I have learned that I am much more independent than I thought. I could not simply just rely on my teammates because they could have been relying on me. By traveling to a new place I had never been before I had to make sure I did certain things independently not only to ensure they were getting done, but also as a learning experience for future traveling."

Sansepolcro, Italy, is where Meredith College has both semester and summer study abroad programs.
Learn more about this women's college: Meredith College or their study abroad programs.

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