Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcoming the Class of 2018

I recently penned a HuffPost blog post, Women's Colleges Welcome the Class of 2018, and starts off with the following:

"As colleges around the country greet their first-year students, it's time to welcome the Class of 2018 and what a fantastic class it is. Going from a high school senior to a first-year college student is pretty darn exciting.

I'm especially excited for women's colleges as they welcome their first-year students to campus."

In this blog post are video from the following colleges: Hollins University, Meredith College, Wellesley College, Douglass Residential College, and Smith College.

Below is one of the vidoes included. To view the other 5 videos,read my blog post,  Women's Colleges Welcome the Class of 2018, here.

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