Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Reasons to Attend a Women’s College

I love it when students and alumnae of women's college blog about the advantages of attending a women's college. Here's another blog post written by Yuanyuan “Rebecca” Fang '13 an economics major from Agnes Scott College and currently enrolled in a master's program for economics and education.

Several weeks ago she penned "Why Choose a Women’s College?"

Highlights include:

"Some of the great advantages of attending a women’s liberal arts college are opportunities for social, cultural, physical, and spiritual development. The greatest advantage of a women’s college is that everything is shaped by the interests and needs for women. So, here are the top three reasons I recommend that you attend a women’s college.  . . . Women's colleges have been educating women for leadership and preparing women for various occupations from teachers to engineers. Whether you imagine yourself as an artist, a writer, a scientist, an actress, or a banker, a women’s college is the best place to start. I believe you will be surprised as to what a women’s college can bring to you in the future."

To learn Rebecca’s top three reasons for attending a women’s college, read her blog post.

To learn more about her Alma mater, Agnes Scott College visit the college Web site.

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