Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and Fashion Design

What girl doesn't like Halloween? We all do and here’s a story about a fashion design student (who loves Halloween) and how she was part of the design team that designed the costumes at Terror Behind the Wall.

Meet Alison Miller,
Assistant Costume Designer at Terror Behind the Wall and Fashion Design Student at Moore College of Art and Design.
"So when the opportunity presented itself for the junior Fashion Design student to work in the costume department for Terror Behind the Walls, the Penitentiary’s famous Halloween haunted house, the decision was a no-brainer.

“The head of the costume department wanted to expand because they only had two people, so because of my interest in costume design they added an additional person,” Miller said. “Now I’m the assistant costume designer. My future goal is to do costume design for film, so this is a great first step.”

As a student in Moore’s Business Scholars in the Arts program, Miller was recently able to shadow an alumna in her field for a day on the job. Miller connected with Alexa O’Neill ’12, a freelance costume designer, and helped her style a music video. O’Neill had worked at Eastern State Penitentiary and suggested that Miller check it out."

Continue reading “Future Costume Designer Enjoys Styling the Ghosts and Ghouls at Terror Behind the Walls.” 

Learn more about Moore College or read a prior HuffPost blog post of mine about the fashion designer from Moore that won Project Runway and the advice she has for women looking for a career in fashion design here.

Happy Halloween!

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