Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Women's College Traditions: Cornhuskin’

This is a week long tradition celebrated at Meredith College. Below is a brief description:

"Cornhuskin' is sponsored by the Meredith Recreation Association and usually occurs during the first week in November. In the fall, each class presents for competition a skit word parade, a tall tale, songs and other activities, all of which are related thematically. The four classes are judged on these performances as well as on apple-bobbing, cornhuskin', can art, class attendance and sweatshirt design. The Meredith Pride Spirit stick is given by Meredith Recreation Association to the most spirited class. All of these activities comprise the official Cornhuskin'; festivities. Additional activities scheduled throughout the week include Big Sis/Lil; Sis Bonfire, Scavenger Hunt, the President's Raid, hall raids and Cornhuskin' parade."

Check out the Can Art 2013 video! This is so cool!!!!!

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