Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Women College Alumnae, From the Class of 1964, Raised Over 1 Million for their Beloved College!

Sweet Briar College’s Class of 1964 decided to do so for their 50th anniversary! It’s the Sweet Sisterhood in action  . . .

"Sweet Briar College has one million reasons to say thank you to the Class of 1964. Well, technically, it has $1,039,164.64 worth of reasons to be grateful. That’s how much money class members raised for the College in celebration of their 50th Reunion, the largest Reunion gift in Sweet Briar’s history.

The official announcement was made at the celebration luncheon during Reunion weekend on May 31, 2014, 50 years to the day since the Class of 1964 crossed the graduation stage. They celebrated the milestone by once again donning caps and marching into the crowded Fitness and Athletics Center."

“We got into it,” V.M. Del Greco Galgano said. “People wore white gloves, we marched in to the bagpiper, and we all wore funny mortarboards. We were a little relieved we had made it to the weekend, and we were ready to have fun!”

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How sweet is that?

Congratulations to the Class of 1964!

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