Thursday, October 30, 2014

STEM Women Thrive at Women’s Colleges

Meet Hye-Jin Yun '15, a Neuroscience and Behavior major from San Francisco, CA as she shares her story:

"At Barnard, anything is possible. Although Organic Chemistry is notorious for its difficulty, it turned out be my favorite class at Barnard. Not only did Professor Rojas engage us with colorful chalks and big molecular models, but he also recited poetry in class to incorporate the liberal arts education. He was also very accessible outside the classroom, holding five office hours per week. Through this class, I’ve gained something greater than just learning the science. I’ve learned to be resilient and courageous, as I had to be patient and determined to learn a new science language."

Check out Barnard College to see if Barnard is right for you as you launch your STEM career!

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