Monday, October 20, 2014

Women’s College STEM Alumna Recognized for Breast Cancer Research

Meet Dr. Anya Alayev who graduated in 2003 from Stern College for Women.

“Dr. Anya Alayev recently won an award for her work in shutting down the mTOR signaling pathways that cause uncontrolled cell proliferation . . .

“It’s not the first time Alayev’s work has been recognized. She was also awarded a National Cancer Center post-doctoral fellowship grant for 2012-14.

Originally from Moldova, Alayev graduated with a degree in biology from Stern College for Women in 2003. She received a PhD from YU’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the field of Developmental and Molecular Biology in 2010. Alayev has been a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Marina Holz’s lab at Stern College since 2011.”

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Congratulations Dr. Alayev!!!!!

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