Monday, November 18, 2013

College Application Mythbusting

Carolyn Noll Sorg is the Director of Admission at a women’s college located in Pepper Pike, Ohio, Ursuline College and wrote a blog post I’m sure will be of interest, “College Application Mythbusting.” Carolyn begins her blog post with the following:

“When I was a new Admission Counselor in my first job right out of grad school, I remember my Admission Director mentioning that as many of her friends’ children approached high school age, her job suddenly seemed to make her more popular at parties. There is a perception, I think, among parents and students that the college admission process is so elusive and complex that understanding it, and more importantly influencing it, is becoming increasingly difficult. This is probably true for students applying to the most selective institutions where many more qualified students are turned away than admitted. But for students applying to the vast majority of institutions in the US, this process is not nearly as much of a game as they think.

A recent blog entry on the Huffington Post called 6 College Admission Myths: Busted is a good start to bringing more transparency to students and families, but many of these myths and much of the advice on college planning and admission out there only applies to traditional students vying for coveted seats at highly selective schools. We know that more and more college students today do not fit this typical student mold, and that the overwhelming majority will enroll at institutions that WILL accept them if they are academically qualified. Here are the myths busted on HuffPost, and my own thoughts on how we address each myth at an institution that prides itself on providing access to all students who demonstrate an ability to be academically successful:”

Read the entire blog post and Carolyn’s insights to busting these six college admissions myths.

Ursuline College is the first women’s college in Ohio. The college is known for its exceptional programs in nursing, fashion, social work, and education offering more than 30 undergraduate liberal arts degrees. Ursuline also offers 11 graduate liberal arts degrees. The college’s campus is beautiful and spacious campus, situated about 13 miles east of Cleveland making the college easily accessible and close to major highways.

To learn more about Ursuline contact Carolyn or visit their Web site. You also can meet the admissions team or learn more about the benefits of attending Ursuline College.

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