Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm so glad I attended a women's college, even though I had no intentions of going to a women's college!

On a wedding blog, Weddingbee® I came across a content area labeled NWR (Not Wedding Related) where this question was asked: Did you attend a women's college?

Here’s one of the replies:

“I went to Smith (yay 5 colleges AND seven sisters!) and I am so, SO glad I did.  It was the best decision I ever made, (and I didn't intend to go to an all women's college either).  I've always needed to be more assertive and less shy, and attending an all women's college really helped me gain confidence.  I went from being so shy, to being a considered a fairly extroverted person.  (People who meet me now never even believe I was ever shy.)  I've also found that men tend to dominate discussions in classes (even when they don't know the answers), and women tend to not answer (even when they do know the answer.)  I became much more dominate in group settings, in business meetings and interviews.  Often, I'm the only woman in the room who will speak.  I got practice at Smith.  No one would ever answer the professor's question, and eventually I couldn't take the awkwardness and would reluctantly raise my hand.  By my senior year, mine was the first hand up.  My mother, who also attended a women's college, always says that you can tell a woman from the seven sisters (or any women's college), because they tend to be more assertive than average. 

I still feel that I have a lot further to go with putting myself forward and asserting myself, but going to an all women's college definitely helped!  Yes, my dating life suffered during college, but I don't mind at all.  It improved me so much more than going to a co-ed school would have, and I made great friends who I still talk to regularly even though we've all moved.”

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