Monday, November 25, 2013

Essay -- Women’s Colleges: Necessary and Invaluable

Erica Rice, a first-year student at Bryn Mawr College wrote a winning essay, "Women’s Colleges: Necessary and Invaluable" for an essay competition; the third annual essay competition of The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women’s Education. The competition is sponsored by The Friends of the Bryn Mawr College Library.

She begins her essay with the following:

"The college experience can very easily become a paradox, as a college education should be what equips a young person to accomplish whatever they wish, yet during the time spent earning a diploma, a great deal of pruning other dreams and aspirations is necessary to earn the title of college graduate. The ability to focus and make decisions about one’s future is indeed important, but all too often in the college setting, in the process of becoming a college graduate, pieces of the individual dissolve. Colleges and universities have plenty to offer the future, but people have more. At women’s colleges, the student body is made up of individuals willing to identify as different and who believe that it is their individual aspirations combined with a college diploma that will be what changes their world. The college experience for these women will be a tool, not an identity; because their identity is something they are not willing to compromise."

Read Erica's insightful essay here.

Bryn Mawr College is a women's liberal arts college in Bryn Mawr, PA.Visit the college's Web site to learn more.

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