Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why I Attended a Women's College

Minnow  from NC wrote this on October 11, 2013  when asked if she attended a women’s college:

"Sweet Briar 2007, here!

My best friends in high school were guys (or tomboyish girls) and I never thought that I'd want to go to an all-girls school. My childhood neighbor was an SBC grad and kept telling me to check it out as I was growing up and my response was always something along the lines of "no fricking way!"

Then my mother and I did a huge tour of Virginia Colleges, and as soon as I stepped on that campus (the second to last one we visited) I just felt like I belonged. And I did! The individual attention the professors were able to give, the unique coursework and majors, the potential for research (which I took advantage of) - they were all huge selling points. And my best friends were made there. I loved the entire experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.

(And yes, they were very good about mingling us with the men of other colleges, especially as underclassmen when it was harder for us to get off campus.)"

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