Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Things Women Invented!

While not specifically about the advantages of attending a women's college, I really enjoyed this slideshow, Top Things Women Invented! and wanted to share it with you. Many of these things we take for granted, for example: the dishwasher or the modern day bra!

Josephine Cochrane: The Dishwasher 

"Out of frustration, Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher. She'd been angry that hired domestic help continually broke and chipped her fine china. Cochrane's dishwasher used high water pressure aimed at a wire rack of dishes, she received a patent for it in 1886.

During this era, most houses didn't have the technology of a hot water system to run such a machine, but Cochrane persisted and sold her idea to hotels and restaurants. Eventually dishwashers moved into households as more and more women entered the workplace."

Mary Phelps Jacob: The Modern Brassiere

"Jacobs was awarded a US patent in 1914 for a Brassiere that supported the breasts up from the shoulders and separated them into two individual shapes. People had experimented with making Brassieres before, but it was the idea of "separating the breasts," that made her design unique.

Prior to Brassieres (or bras) women’s undergarments were uncomfortable. Containing whalebones and steel rods, they virtually squeezed the wearer into "shape". Jacobs' design was in contrast, soft and light, conforming to the wearer’s anatomy.

During WWI her bra design became popular when the U.S. government requested that women stop purchasing corsets in order to conserve metal. Although by this time Jacobs had sold the patent to Warner Brothers Corset Company."

I hope you view the entire slideshow of 25 inventions. I think you will really enjoy the presentation.

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