Friday, November 1, 2013

Judaic Studies for Women

Two women’s colleges that also offer Judaic Studies include The Stern College for Women and the Lander College for Women. Both colleges are located in New York City.

From the The Stern College for Women’s Web Site:

“Nowhere in North America can women enjoy greater range and depth of Torah study than at Yeshiva University's Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies, which offers the country's largest and most diverse undergraduate Jewish studies program for women. Our program is designed to expose students to the beauty of Torah study and the richness of Jewish tradition. We offer valuable training in rigorous thought, exposure to research methods and opportunities for independent work. Students learn across a curriculum that includes courses in Bible, Hebrew language, Jewish history, Jewish philosophy and Judaic law.

Regardless of focus, all students engage with the textual analysis of Jewish works in the Hebrew and Aramaic originals, through hakhanah, chavruta [study partners] and shiurim [lectures]. The structure of the learning and committed faculty result in genuine relationships that personalize, deepen and distinguish each student's education. The Jewish studies faculty are not only accomplished scholars and moral exemplars; they provide guidance on how to live an ethical life.”

From the Lander College for Women’s Web Site:

“At the Lander College for Women, you will be learning in a supportive but challenging environment. The high level of interaction between students and faculty encourages our students to be creative, strive for distinction and achieve excellence. All of our faculty members are scholars and dedicated teachers who bring practical knowledge to the classroom. They will enable you to excel at critical thinking, problem solving, and oral and written communication. In particular, at the Lander College for Women, the opportunity to pursue Judaic Studies on a high level and learn from a world-class Judaic studies faculty is unparalleled. Our small class sizes and the personalized attention that you receive in each of your classes will add an important dimension to your education and will help you achieve your best in the classroom, your careers, and your future lives.” Marian Stoltz-Loike, Ph.D., Dean, Lander College for Women

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