Friday, November 15, 2013

College isn’t about the boys: Why women’s colleges still matter.

USA College Today blogger Charlsie Niemiec wrote a blog post I really enjoyed, “College isn’t about the boys: Why women’s colleges still matter.

Blog Post Highlights:

“I never thought I would attend a same-sex college. In fact, it was something I never even considered until I started to expand upon my college choices. I knew what kind of school I wanted to attend, and I knew what programs I was interested. And ultimately, the school that catered the most to what I wanted for four years turned out to be an all women’s university. With only 2 percent of women enrolling in women’s colleges, I constantly question why women are afraid to apply or even consider looking into same-sex schools. Especially when statistics show women’s colleges as being incredibly beneficial to women and their futures. For example, in 2004 a study found that women who attend same-sex schools in college are more likely to engage better in the classroom, score better in classes than they would at co-ed institutions, and they are more likely to get professional degrees, attend graduate school, and hold higher ranked positions in their careers.”

Charlsie Niemiec is a post-grad from Hollins University (yes, one of the last remaining Southern women’s colleges) with her BA in English and a concentration in creative writing. When she’s not busy dancing to Cake and wearing a little black dress, this typical Pisces is curled up with a glass of wine and contemplating her future on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She blogs here.

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